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This past week I read:

Yes, I FINALLY finished the Scott Pilgrim series.  Book 6 was definitely the best of them all.  I'd love to find another similar graphic series because this one has been full of surprises.  The Mark of Athena did not disappoint until that cliffhanger ending!  *shakes fist at Rick Riordan*  Now I have to wait until next October 2013 for more of this series.  I read Jersey Angel in one sitting.  After hearing Beth Ann Bauman talk about this book, I knew I wanted to read it.  I'm still debating including it in my library,  but leaning towards yes.  Definitely for high school students...

This week I'm reading:

I'm enjoying Reached but know I will be sad to finish because I love these characters and this world created by Ally Condie.

Hattie Ever After is wonderful!  So nice to hear Hattie's voice in my head again and discover what's next for this adventuresome young lady.  


  1. I read the first two Scott Pilgrim books months and months ago and have been waiting for the others to show up in our used section ever since. Someday, I too hope to finish...

  2. Hmm, if Jersey Angel can be read quickly I might just push it up in my list. I haven't logged NEARLY as many picture books into Goodreads as anticipated (my kids always want to read the same ones over and over, lol), so I'm behind on my goal!
    I'm loving Reached so far. Speaking to read!

  3. Ah! I just saw Reached at a store the other day....I've only read Matched so far but I SO WANT to read the other books...I'll have to started friending their parents can buy the book and then I can borrow it!

  4. Sarah, I was even combing looking for Scott Pilgrim books!

    Jenn, Jersey Angel was a super quick read for me. I'm still deciding what I think about it which is interesting...

    Ellen, try the library! :) There's even self-checkout for when you're reading YA books.

  5. Jersey Angel looks good as do the ones you are currently reading this week. How in the world did you capture the goodreads screen? That's such a cool way to do this kind of post. :)


  6. Thanks Shannon! I just use the screen snip tool to show the portion of GoodReads each week. I first started it on my phone but now use it on the computer too. :)


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