The End of Summer Throwdown...for now!

Summer Throwdown, Round 2, ended at midnight on Saturday, August 18.  What a wild, crazy, and FUN experience the whole throwdown thing has been! 

 I mean, really...didn't you enjoy reading just a tiny bit more knowing that every book you read counted toward your team's score?   Were you one of those participants who checked the score sheet more than once a day?  What about all of the fun chatter on Twitter?  The innocent jabs and postings about which team was in the lead?  Yeah, me too. I loved it all!

Thanks to each and every one of you for making Summer Throwdown a HUGE success!  Whether you were reading for the loquacious #LeagueofLibrarians or the tenacious #TeamTeacher, you made it a success by reading and participating.  We seriously had no idea that you would all embrace it as you did.  But you loved it!  And that makes me happy. :)  

Dare I say we've begun a new summer tradition?  I certainly hope so!

Many, many, MANY thanks go out to my amazing cohorts:  Brian, Jillian, and Kathy

Long live the League of Librarians!  Thanks again to Jarrett Krosoczka for supporting our team.

To celebrate (commemorate?) the end of Summer Throwdown 2012, we will all have guest posts daily on our blogs from throwdown participants for a total of 16 spectacular guest postings this week!  

Stay tuned here for guest posts beginning on Tuesday and running through Friday.  

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