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Guest Post: A Librarian in a Candy Store

Our third guest post of the week comes from Julie Williams aka @JulieWilliams89, a League of Librarians member in Maine.

Take it away Julie!

A Librarian in a Candy Store…

When I started my school librarian job last fall I was like a kid in a candy store.  I have always loved reading.  It was that love that made me pursue a degree in Elementary Education and work as a teacher in grades 1, 3, 4, 5, and 7th grades over the course of 19 years.  It was that love that led me to pursue a Masters Degree in Literacy at Wright State University and then the University of Southern Maine.  Finally, that love led me to pursue a degree in Library Science at San Jose.  Now I am surrounded by books at both my little library at Lafayette Elementary for grades 1-3 and my big library at Willard School for grades 4-6.  I am in heaven.  

At the end of the school year I packed up 2 boxes of books that I had been drooling over all year and loaded them in my car.  Unfortunately, my car was broken into while I went for a walk.  Fortunately, the thief only took my laptop and purse, not the books.  

I was so excited to hear about the summer throwdown because I knew it would help motivate me to read those books.  I absolutely love to read but sometimes the lure of the computer (facebook, pintrest, etc) is strong.  I was not able to finish both boxes of books but I made a huge dent in them.  It is so important to me to keep up with what my students are reading, the state award lists, and potential purchases.  The throwdown helped spur me on.

Here are some of my favorite books from this summer.  Some are new, some are from 2011 and are on our Maine Student Book Award List, and some just called to me from the shelves,

  1. Wonder by R.J Palicio – oh, yes, we will be hearing more about this one in the months to come
  2. The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate – ditto
  3. The Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen – read it just before the Olympics, can you say Oscar Pistorius?
  4. Darth Paper Strikes Back by Tom Angleberger – makes me smile
  5. Scrawl by Mark Shulman – really liked this, as a teacher made me think

I really enjoyed the summer throwdown.  Hope we do it again next year.


Thanks Julie!

Thanks for reading! Stop by tomorrow for our 4th and final guest post librarian from Summer Throwdown.


  1. Scrawl is one of my favorite books. It's unfortunate that it's often overlooked!


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