Summer Throwdown...had me a blast

Summer Throwdown...had me a blast

Summer Throwdown...happened so fast.

I found some books perfect for me

Met some graphics cute as can be

Summer days driftin' away, to uh...oh those summer nights

Uh Well-a well-a well-a huh

Tell me more, tell me more

Did you get very far? 

Tell me more, tell me more

Like was one book a star?

Uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh

(My apologies to Olivia Newton John & John Travolta for the awful parody apologies to you for getting that song stuck in your head!  #earworm)

Thanks to Summer Throwdown I have read more books this year as of August 18 than I read in all of 2011!  

Here's a glimpse of my stats on GoodReads:

The official count for the summer:

60 books read!
 (not quite a book-a-day since we had 70 days of vacation, but pretty close!)

Of those 60 books....
  • 23 were Graphics
  • 17 were YA 
  • 14 were Middle Grades
  • 5 were Adult Novels
  • 1 was Non-Fiction (and Adult)
The unusual part of the list above is the graphic novels.  I am now officially a fan of several graphic novel series.  Sure, I've been buying them for my library and promoting them with students, but I've never really enjoyed reading them.  I tried to expand my reading this summer by reading various graphic novels, especially ones I could promote at school.  

So, what were my favorite graphics I read this summer?

Yes, I read EVERY SINGLE BABYMOUSE this summer.  
I will be purchasing more of these for our K-5 library and will add them to my library also.  
My 6 year old son loved reading these together & 
my 11 year old daughter always snuck off to read them as well.

I officially fell in love with Lunch Lady and Jarrett Krosoczka this summer. 
 Must buy all books for library!  
Again, these were a hit with me and both of my kids.

I love super heroes & this book did not disappoint! I know my students will love this.

This e-ARC was delightful & I look forward to holding the book in my hands.
 I will order several copies for my library because of our strong Fine Arts departments.  
It will be well read and loved!

I've never even seen this movie, but these books delighted me:  
Witty, great stories, and definitely YA to Adult level.  
Unfortunately, I probably won't purchase these for school, 
but I will recommend them to students at the public library.


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