I am so excited that #thewonderofwonder is taking over across our nation's schools!  We're using it as a read aloud in all 3 of our 6th grade reading classes.  In fact, the teachers started reading it on Wednesday:  the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!  What a great way to get the year started, set the tone, and bond with the students.

We're planning on using the theme "Choose Kind" for our student council and within the other grades as well.  Even more exciting...we're hoping to have R.J. Palaccio visit our school in March!  Squeee! I have to give all the credit to my colleague, a 6th grade teacher, who is awesome! After I shared the book with her and her class last year, we skyped with R.J.  This teacher has taken the ball and ran with it!  She's in charge of student council at our school and is involved in the state association for all middle school student councils.  She's making this happen and I am excited!

So, are you using Wonder at your school?  Want to connect with others who are doing the same thing?  Fill out the form below and connect with other classrooms and educators.

Check out Mr. Etkin's blog here to find out more about #Wonderschools!


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