Ending 2017 & moving on to 2018

Oh 2017... what to say about you?

2017 did afford me many amazing opportunities.  I visited Google Chicago, became a Google Apps for Education Trainer, became a Director of Innovative Learning for Five Star Technology Solutions, visited San Antonio twice:  keynoting at TLA Tech Camp & presenting at ISTE, saw & met countless friends at TLA, ALA, ISTE, & ILF, and watched my kids grow older and smarter each day.  But 2017 also felt a bit like...
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Let's just leave it at that and hope for much better from 2018.

So how did I do with my 2017 goals?

My One Little Word for the year was strength.  My focus on strength wasn't about lifting weights, but about personally growing stronger and more self-assured.  It is still a work-in-progress, but I experienced several challenges that are continuing to make me a stronger person.  

Read:  117 books -- 
Titles and ratings may be found in my 2017 year end review.  

What books really stayed with me and were my favorites this year?  
Run:  500 miles 
This year was my lowest total running mileage in 8 years of running.  

Yeah.  It's pretty embarrassing to even post that number.  Nothing clicked this year with my running and instead almost every run resulted in the absolute worst aches and pains in my left knee.  Then I would take a few days off to rest, run again, and the cycle continued.  All. Year. Long.  Finally in December, I took the entire month off to rest & hopefully heal.    

In the meantime, I enjoyed Pilates class when my work schedule allowed me to make it to Results Studio.   I also enjoyed Brewga at People's Brewery several times during the year.  At home, I began to use the FitStar Yoga app in addition to my FitStar subscription (which is now FitBit Coach...but I still don't have or use a FitBit!)  I'm very pleased with my independent yoga progress and am happy to report mastering Warrior 3, Dancer's Pose, and Standing Pigeon among many other positions.    

Looking to 2018, I've chosen my one word:

I want to be more reflective this year, taking time to think about my work and home experiences.  Perhaps being reflective will mean blogging more...perhaps it will mean keeping a personal journal.  I plan to try a few different practices to focus my thinking each day and encourage personal reflection.  

I am not setting a running mileage goal as I don't know if my body will be able to return to the world of running.  I hope so.  I miss it dearly and know that my mental health and reflection time suffer when I am unable to run.  I plan to continue to try to strengthen my knee and the surrounding muscles and take it slowly.  I also plan to continue to delve more deeply into the practice of yoga as it has offered a nice alternative and focus for me.  

I am setting my reading goal at 118 books and will continue to read a variety of books including graphics, picture books, middle grades, YA, and the occasional adult one as well.  I am also beginning a national CETL Study Course in January in preparation to take the CETL COSN exam in spring or summer.  The course will run for 11 weeks and requires 2-3 hours of reading per week.  I'm looking forward to expanding my technology knowledge in different directions and diving deeper into building 21st learning environments.  

These are my goals on which to focus on in 2018.  


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