WRAD with Dan Santat

To say that I anxiously anticipated connecting with Matthew Winner and Dan Santat for WRAD would be putting it mildly.

Very mildly.

Actual conversation with my 2 children while driving to school on Wednesday, March 4:

Me:  I can't believe I get to meet Dan Freakin' Santat today!  Okay, it's only in a Google Hangout but it's DAN. FREAKIN'. SANTAT!

Coen:  Mom! That's not an appropriate word for children.  No wonder they don't put his middle name on his books... (yes, my rule follower 9 year old son was serious.)

Connolly: His parents clearly knew he was destined for greatness one day.   (said with the utmost amount of snark/humor as only a 13 year old can pull off...) 

So yeah... I was pretty pumped about our major WRAD connection (Thanks Mr. Winner!)

(and from here forward, this post will be picture heavy because this WRAD connection was too awesome for words!)

Mrs. Welk's class of Firsties was just as excited too!  They joined me in the middle/high school library wearing Beekle crowns and sweetly brought one for me to wear too.

Mrs. Welk & her Firsties

Adorable, right?
Disregard me...& look at that complete CUTENESS! 

We looked at many of Dan's pictures as we tried to calm down before the epic hangout began...

After connecting and introducing our classes to Dan and to each other, Dan graciously read us The Adventures of Beekle:  The Unimaginary Friend from cover to cover.  (Yes you heard me...he read his CALDECOTT AWARD WINNING BOOK!  Epic awesomeness indeed.)

Dan also introduced us to a tiny Beekle.

Dan answered questions from both classes

Dan's sweatshirt from Tony DiTerlizzi

And then because it truly couldn't get any better than hearing Dan read his award winning novel...it DID!  Dan (yes, Dan FREAKIN' Santat) then read us his brand new groundbreaking book Are We There Yet? that will publish April 2016.  That's right, we heard & saw this book over 1 year in advance!  AMAZING!

I know that Mrs. Welk, Mr. Winner, and I won't ever forget our WRAD afternoon with Dan. I'm fairly certain our students won't either.  It's not every day of the week you get to "meet" a Caldecott award winning author/illustrator AND hear him read his amazing books.  

Thank you Mr. Santat for your time, talent, and most of all for your books!  You are AWESOME!


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