Read Across America Day...or WRAD day 1

No matter what you call it:  the first day of World Read Aloud Week or Read Across America Day, Monday, March 2, was a great day!

We had a 2 hour delay and began our school day late because of the 10+ inches of snow that fell on Sunday.  (Any Monday that begins with a 2 hour delay is already infinitely better...)

(Side note: My half mile driveway was the most treacherous part of the trip to school.  My wise 13 year old advised that perhaps I should concentrate on driving and not taking pictures of the route.  I'm so glad to be raising such SMART children! & yes, they are often a bit of smart alecs as well.  I have NO IDEA how that happened!)

I, of course, donned a bookish t-shirt.  
(Shocker, I know since my collection is vast...)  
This t-shirt is one of my most favorites (and my students too) because it's  a smash up of books with Doctor Who = Win!)

I had plans to connect a 4th grade class in the afternoon with students at Matthew Winner's school for RAAD but there was a small problem:  Matthew's school was cancelled because of the epic ice storm that hit the Baltimore area the previous day.

So, what's a bestie to do?

Well, if you're Matthew, you agree to skype with your amazing wife and adorable 4 year old son from your couch at home and STILL read with 4th graders at my school.

Awesome, right?
Matthew wore his Nyan TARDIS shirt! Whovians for the WIN!
I adore this sweet picture of the WINNER family!

Together, Matthew and I read Sam and Dave Dig A Hole by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen.  

 It was the first time Mrs. Oliver's 4th grade class had heard or seen the picture book.  Their surprised gasps and comments were right on cue!  (Such a great book to read aloud and share with friends!)

Then Matthew shared one of his favorite picture books Shh! We Have A Plan by Chris Haughton.  

We listened, laughed, and began to join in reading together after a few pages.  Jonah's excitement at this book he'd obviously heard several times was infectious.  We all loved seeing and hearing his reactions! 

It was a great experience for Mrs. Oliver's 4th grade to meet the amazing Winner family and share 2 wonderful books!  I, of course, welcome each and every opportunity to connect with my #GeniusPal Mr. Winner.  It was most definitely an excellent way to kick off World Read Aloud Day/Week! 


  1. This was easily one of my favorite days ever! Being with my family. Connecting with my bestie. Sharing a favorite book. Everything was amazing! Thanks for my by #1 pal, Sherry!

    1. Thanks again for connecting! Every day is a brighter day when you're a part of it! :)


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