Mover and Shaker 2015!

I am so thrilled that my HUGE news is finally public this month (& it's definitely time to celebrate it here on my blog)!

I received an email in December alerting me to the fact that I had been selected as a 2015 Library Journal Mover and Shaker.  It literally may have been the shout heard round the world as I went outside and screamed the news I was SO excited.  (News flash:  I live on 5 wooded was it the shout heard by no one?!)

The excitement continued as I was invited to go to Chicago for the Movers and Shakers photoshoot during ALA midwinter.  Luckily, Chicago is within driving distance and I had already planned on visiting the exihibit hall and meeting up with many friends for the weekend.  Even better, my good friend Lindsey Hill volunteered to drive and keep me calm.  (She knew I had been named a Mover & Shaker and even contributed to my write up in Library Journal!)  It was wonderful to have her assurance and her ear(s) as I kept this secret from ALL the rest of my friends at midwinter!

Lindsey, my confidante & handler! 
Sorry Kathy & Niki, I promised to keep the secret! 

Saturday morning I snapped a few pictures for myself before entering the room at the Swissotel for the photo shoot. The selfies are blurry because my hands were SHAKING!  I was sooooo nervous.

Once I entered the Movers & Shakers room, changed clothes, and met a few of the other recepients, the butterflies continued.  They persisted until we began to snap pictures.

Then, it felt okay...even fun!  It was such a blast meeting different amazing Librarians and hamming it up with them on camera.  Now you understand why I stopped being nervous, right?  A camera + me acting silly = normal.   We even made the COVER!

The photographer and art director were both geniuses and put me right at ease when it was my turn for the individual photo shoot.  They loved my post-it note props and immediately suggested that I "wear" them.  (LOVE!)  Other "trademark" details you may have not noticed in my picture:  my Jamberry nails (cartoon/graphic & bookprint mixed) and my Library Fanatic bracelet (from Made with Code).

After the photo shoot, I boarded the shuttle bus to go to McCormick center & immediately saw this friendly Hoosier face:  Edith Campbell.  (I STILL didn't spill my secret...but I chattered...A LOT as I'm sure she will attest to!)  It was wonderful to catch up a bit before entering the exhibit hall.

At the exhibit hall, I met up with my friends and didn't breathe a word about where I'd been.  That news would wait to be revealed on March 9!

The rest of my ALA Midwinter trip should definitely be blogged soon.  This entry is all about Movers and Shakers!

So, without further ado....I present the article in Library Journal!

Many, many thanks to Library Journal, Carolyn Sun, Francine Fialkoff, and the wonderful friends/colleagues who nominated me for this amazing honor.  I'm still overwhelmed to be included in such a prestigious group and to be recognized in my career but so grateful to everyone who has mentored me, inspired me, and brought me to this place in library land.

Many more thanks to all my friends and family who have offered congratulations and words of encouragement on Twitter, Facebook, texts, and phone calls.  It's been a wild and crazy ride.

Some of my very favorite Twitter congratulations:  

The hashtags #FailSafe and #FantastGick created by Jonathan Werner along with this cool meme/poster:
Mover & Shaker in Gallifreyan from none other than my edusoulmate, Matthew Winner:

So many other very special congratulations... Thank you all!


  1. I'm so excited for you! And hooray for awesome jams! LOL


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