WRAD14 Blogging Challenge Week 4 - Wrap Up

We had a FANTASTIC week of reading together with students at our school and around the nation.  We made the majority of our skype connections on Wednesday, WRAD, but also had the opportunity to connect with friends a few other days during the week

I especially loved wearing a reading related shirt every single day of the week AND getting to read to elementary classes.  
Such a treat since I usually only see 6th-12th graders!

My buddy, Matthew Winner, recorded this vine of me reading to his class in MD.

The video below shows some of our classes and connections in our middle/high school library.

Our connections:  11 different classes, 6 grade levels and 10 different states!

  • Mrs. Ploughe's 6th grade - Matthew Winner's 5th grade in Maryland
  • Mrs. McIlrath's 6th grade - Matthew Winner's 5th grade in Maryland
  • Mrs. Bogan's 2nd grade class with Matthew and Jonah Winner (snow day skype!) in Maryland
  • Mrs. Welk's 1st grade - Jenny Lussier's 1st grade in Connecticut
  • Mrs. Heater’s K class - Crystal Hendrix's 1st grade in North Carolina.
  • Mrs. Oliver’s 4th grade class - Crystal Brunelle's 5th grade in Wisconsin
  • Mrs. Nelson’s K class - Esther Uribe's 1st grade in Texas
  • My 6th grade - Andy Plemmons' 5th grade in Georgia AND Barbara O'Connor in Massachusetts
  • Mrs. Giesler’s 3rd grade - Kurt Stroh's in Michigan
  • Mrs. Houser’s 2nd - Christy Brennan's 1st in Pennsylvania
  • Mrs. Fay's 3rd - Esther Uribe's 1st in Texas

My 6th grade Reading class was able to make several connections! (I guess that's the advantage of having the librarian as your daily reading teacher...)

We visited the elementary library and students read to 2nd grade students during their library time.

They also had the privilege of skyping with Andy Plemmons' 5th graders and author Barbara O'Connor.


They also came in at the end of two different skypes the other 6th grade classes had with Matthew and his students in Maryland.  They, of course, all had to say hello and talk to the students there!

I was also super excited when a high school English teacher down the hall planned her very own day of World Read Aloud Day connections.  She had elementary classes visit every hour for her high school students to read to and with. Very cool! (Way to go Mrs. Hutsell!)

World Read Aloud Day (...week...) remains one of my most favorite reading celebrations of the school year.

Thanks to everyone who connected with us!  You made it amazing!


  1. Hooray for the best, most awesome person a guy could hope to work with! Bravo for your TONS of awesome connections, Sherry. You are a rock star!


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