So Long Gnop-Jiye by Katrina Moore

So Long Gnop-Jiye by Katrina Moore is a brand new, just released children's book that I highly recommend you read and share with your students, class, and/or children.   

"In So Long Gnop-Jiye, a seven-year-old Chinese girl is forced to leave behind all of her dolls, friends, and her pet duck when her family moves to America. When she goes to her new school, she cannot even understand what her teacher is saying. She feels sad and scared in her new surroundings, until she learns that starting a new life means new opportunities."

So Long Gnop-Jiye is a story that is relatable for all readers.  Everyone has felt shy and/or out-of-place at some time or another.  The story of Kuen-Mun (Katrina's mother) leaving Hong Kong with her family to come to America helps readers experience the journey and ordeals of feeling lost and out of place through her eyes including: 
  • Leaving behind her pet duck and possessions
  • Spending a month on a ship
  • Going to a new school
  • Working in America
The story also emphasizes why Kuen-Mun and her family left Hong Kong to gain freedom in America.  This lesson of immigration for independence is an important one for readers to learn.  Readers will enjoy the story about how Kuen-Mun becomes known as Mary and grows up to be author Katrina Moore's mother.

This book would be nice to pair with the graphic novel memoir Little White Duck by Na Liu and have readers compare/contrast the experiences of the main characters.  If you teach a unit on immigration experience in the United States, this book would be a wonderful addition.  

Author Katrina Moore is a teacher.  She designed a teacher's guide/book resource packet to use her book for students grades two through five.  It includes discussion questions, graphic organizers, as well as an emphasis on narrative/memoir writing for students to share their own stories.  You may find it on her website here.  

Want to learn more about Katrina Moore?  

Please listen to the Let's Get Busy Podcast interview with Katrina Moore by Matthew Winner (episode 38) and visit Katrina Moore's website.  

**Thank you Katrina for sharing a copy of your book with me to review.**


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