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School Library Journal recommends this for grades 4-8

Genre:  Science Fiction
Other topics:  Adoption, Time Travel 

Found is not a new book.  It was first published in 2008 by Simon & Schuster.  It's the first book in the Missing series which now has 4 books.  Currently, it is quite popular in my library because it is one of the 20 books on our Young Hoosier Book Award Nominees list for middle grades for 2011-2012 AND it is one of our 10 Middle School Battle of the Books at my school.

When I booktalk this book to students, I ask them if they used to enjoy the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne where Jack and Annie traveled back to a different location and time period in each book.  Almost always, students say yes!  The Missing series is quite similar except it's much cooler and definitely tailor made for middle grades.  Found is a combination of science fiction, mystery, and adventure.  What student could resist that?  The main characters, Jonah and Chip, are thirteen years old.  They are both adopted and find out that they share an usual background.  Both were baby passengers on a mysterious airplane that appeared out of nowhere filled with babies and no adults.  Where did the plane come from?  Who were all the passengers and where are they now?  Throw the FBI and some shady characters into the mix along with Jonah's sister, Katherine, and you have a book that's nearly impossible to put down until you finish it!  (Be sure to have book 2, Sent, close by -- it's a cliff hanger ending!)

More information about this book may be found at the author's site.  


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