Top 10 Checkouts from 1st semester, 2011

My library serves students in 6th-12th grades, so it's always interesting to see a list of the most frequently checked out books.  I think you'll be able to decide which titles were popular with middle school students, high school students, and/or both!  3 of the books are Young Hoosier Nominees (middle school), 3 are Eliot Rosewater Nominees (high school), 2 are definitely just middle school titles, and 2 are cross-over titles (read by both middle and high school students. 


  1. Haha, Dork Diaries for the WIN! That one's really popular in my library, too. As are Compound and Hate list. You might be inspiring me to do a similar post for my library!

  2. My students always want to know what's most popular! :) I can already see Cabin Fever and Ashfall will be high on this semester's list. The waiting lists for both is incredible (even though I have 6 copies of each)!

  3. Love this. Tried it a few times on the blog. We should make it a monthly thing! School Librarians Unite!


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