Blogger FAIL!

Good grief!  I've only been blogging for the month of January and I already missed a whole week.  Nevertheless, reading DID take place during last week as well as some great book talks to my students in my library.

picture from Amazon

For high school students I featured The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.  I used the trailer featured here and parts of this video of John reading chapter one.  Some classes even had the pleasure of watching John in this video on TFIOS release date.

John Green now has several new fans at my library and hopefully, new Nerdfighter members.

picture from Amazon

For middle school students, I featured All The Broken Pieces by Ann E. Burg.  It is one of the 20 books on our Young Hoosier list.

The overall theme of the Vietnam War aftermath was a tough one, but I think my students will identify with the themes of bullying and prejudice.  As a verse novel, it's bound to have many readers in my library.

So, both of my featured novels for last week brought me to tears.  Not always a bad thing, but back to back is a bit rough.


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