Yoda Post-It Note Art - May the 4th, 2015

For our last post-it note art of the school year, I wanted to do something for Star Wars Day:  May the 4th. I had elaborate ideas and plans (as usual), but in the end on Friday, May 1, I quickly put together Yoda and called it done.  

I love this floating Yoda head!  

On Monday, May the 4th, my son, Coen, and I donned our Star Wars shirts to wear to school to celebrate the day!  Unfortunately, we were in the midst of state testing so I set up activities for students to do before school, in between classes, and after they finished up testing in the library.

Folding an origami Yoda and creating an x-wing fighter were two of the more popular activities.  Of course, all the students loved the free Star Wars stickers and buttons which disappeared before first period ended.

In the end, Yoda ended up being one of our most talked about Post It Note Art creations (and possibly the fastest one created for the 2014-2015 school year).  Lesson learned?  Sometimes it's a good thing just to go for it and stop over analyzing what's needed for elaborate projects.  Simple CAN be a good thing!


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