Maximoff Twins Post It Note Art

For the first Post-It Note Art of the 2015-2016 school year, Connolly decided she wanted to create the Maximoff Twins in their original costumes.

What?  You have no idea who the Maximoff Twins are?

 Pietro and Wanda?

What about this:  Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch

Ring any bells now?

Please say yes. 

Surely you DID see The Avengers: Age of Ultron?!

(If not, please fix this asap!)

These 2!

The first pictures I was able to take of Connolly's creation in process was after our half day of PD.  She worked for about 3 hours.

  Quicksilver was complete and looked terrific!

Scarlett Witch couldn't be completed because she ran out of red & black post-its.

On Monday evening when we returned with MORE post-it notes (after special ordering the black ones on Amazon & scouring stores for the awesome red ones), we discovered Quicksilver was in pieces...well, the blue sticky notes were dropping off of the windows.  Why?  NOT POST-IT NOTE BRAND (Remember the awful time we had with the TARDIS...not to mention it was created while Connolly was home sick...lesson should have been learned that STICKY NOTES are for writing notes; POST-IT BRAND NOTES are for ARTWORK!)

So, we grabbed another lighter color of blue (that came in the package with the new red) and redid Quicksilver...but came up just a few short!  (DRAT!)  A quick trip down to a colleague's room to see what post-it notes HE had gave us the idea to change a few with a different shade of blue for contrast.

Quicksilver now looks like this:

Scarlet Witch is all finished as well thanks to more red & black post-it notes...

The finished windows:

A few more pics in the Animoto:


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