#SemicolonEDU Keeping it Real

Update: now the ; IS real. (No more sharpie...)

Friday, July 17 (2015), I went with a teacher friend and we both got tattooed.  

The conversations about it have already begun via texts and DMs on Twitter.  I'm grateful for friends who care enough to ask and to friends who want to just talk after seeing my semi-colon.  Let's continue to remove the stigma of talking about mental health. 

I had the opportunity to see my friend Nick Provenzano at the eLwave conference in Lafayette on July 28 & 29.   I am lucky to call him friend and am so thankful he had the courage to step out and really get this conversation started on his blog.

My wrist (left); Nick's wrist (right)

 Let's #StopFakingIt & #BeReal.

(I first wrote about #semicolonedu HERE on my blog)


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