Computer Science Education Week aka Hour of Code & Beyond!

Today we kicked off #CSEdWeek in our library!  I was super excited for year 2 of #HourofCode!

I had shared information with my staff for the past 6 weeks via an after school time, smore, several emails/links and invited all teachers/classes to participate.

I'm always shocked when not everyone wants to do these "extras" I offer to lead!   :)  Problem solving, critical thinking, following directions, and more... such good stuff for students of ALL ages in ALL subject areas!

I DID have many teachers say YES they wanted to give it a try with my help.   YAY!

I also already have 5 classes (3 7th grades & 2 8th grades) participating weekly in coding in the library and on their devices on Mondays & Tuesdays.

I was super excited to begin my morning with Mrs. Johnston's Intense Needs class.  As a former special education teacher, my heart remains with these amazing students.  I had already set up a class page and gave each of them their passcard with their secret picture on it.  The adults helped them each navigate to the class page.  After the students each found their name and clicked on their picture, they jumped right into it!  They enjoyed the puzzles as was evidenced by their huge smiles with each success.  Each left the library with a sticker and certificate for participating in their first Hour of Code.



My day continued with other "experienced" 7th grade classes coming to the library to continue coding.  They've been working through the 20 hour curriculum at  They were surprised when I greeted them with this Flocabulary rap about the Top 10 Reasons to Code.  I also shared the new video from President Obama.  "Create...don't just consume!" 

 I then explained that currently, our favorite site, Learn.Code.Org was down because of the MILLIONS of people coding! I then showed them several alternative coding activities for the hour and let them choose which site(s) to explore.  

Students had so much fun exploring Made With Code to create dancing Yetis...

 designing lights for the White House Christmas trees....

and making dragons dash about with Tynker:

So glad I'd taken extra time to not only explore "extra" sites/activities to use with my coding students but had also added them to our library web page at

At the end of the day I was a tired TL (like most days), but excited about our successful day of coding!   A big thank you to all of the teachers who brought their classes to the library today and to all of the teachers/classes I'll be working with the rest of this week!  Bring on day 2!


  1. Thank you, Sherry, for not only teaching coding to our students, but also persevering in educating our staff in the multitude of methods to move us forward as educators. Technology is necessary for augmenting student learning, increasing teacher and administrator effectiveness, enhancing parent communication, and branding a positive image of our school district.

    1. Thank you for reading & commenting! I appreciate your support of my efforts!


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