2014 Edublog Awards Finalist!

Wow!  I woke up this morning to this notification from Edublogs:
The notification confused me.  What in the world would I be nominated for?  (I'm a neglectful blogger...)  I began to look through the various lists and found myself on the Best Individual Tweeter list.  This was really a surprise!  While my love for Twitter isn't a secret, it's nice to know that others appreciate what I share! I am super excited and humbled to be named a finalist for the 2014 Edublog Awards in the category of Best Individual Tweeter!  Thanks so much for nominating me!   The list below is filled with many friends and twitter acquaintances I follow closely.  Take a minute or two to vote for us! Also, be sure and check out all the other awesome categories and amazing people/blogs nominated at http://edublogawards.com/  and vote, vote, VOTE!   Best Individual Tweeter - 2014 Edublog Awards
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