#SummerThrowDown Year 3 books read

July has been a busy month of reading!  I set my goal to read 30 books for #summerthrowdown and then challenged Kathy to do the same.  She, in turn, challenged me to only read 10 picture books out of the 30.  I'm happy to say I will definitely make my goal for July. I've already exceeded the allotted number of picture books, but that's okay -- I'll still have read (at least) 20 non-picture books when our challenge ends in 3 days.  

I've kept up with my books on GoodReads, as usual, but didn't keep a visual here like I did last year.

Let's change that now!

YA:  9 books
Tween/Middle Grades:  3 books
Graphic Novels: 6 books
Picture Books:  18 (pictured below)

36 books read as of 7/29/14


I have 2 graphic novels to finish: 

#SummerThrowDown has kept me accountable with my reading this month and has been a blast!  


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