SummerThrowDown Year 3

It's almost time!

That's right!  It's time to sign up for #SummerThrowDown Year 3!  If you're in, go ahead and visit the link here.   We'll each be tracking the number of books we read on the same spreadsheet link.

If you're not sure what this Summer ThrowDown stuff is all about, read on for a brief history.

First of all, you should meet the organizers of SummerThrowDown: 

Kathy Burnette  - The Brain Lair 

Visit their blogs and follow them on Twitter (I know, I're already doing both of those things!)

Year 1:

SummerThrowDown began in 2012 with Team Teacher vs. League of Librarians 


The competition had two rounds.  
Round One: 161 participants 
Round Two: 98 participants

An average of 17.8 books per person were read for a total of 2873 books!

(Click Year 1 for more details about our inaugural year.) 

Year 2:

In Summer Throw Down Year 2, Teachers & Librarians joined forces to conquer our TBR piles together!

Year 2 had 127 participants. 

An average of 24.1 books per person were read with a grand total of 3,064 books!

(Click Year 2   for more details here on The Library Fanatic.)

Year 3:

This year, the idea to work as one team:  librarians, teachers, teacher-librarians...everyone reading together to slay the TBR dragon continues.  A book read is still a book tedious counting pages or trying to figure out how that audio book translates to pages.

We're only throwing one new idea into the mix...  and this is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL!

 If you'd like to do so, choose one person to challenge for the month of July.  Call them out on social media and challenge them to a SummerThrowDown.  Name a number of books you challenge them to read.

Then during the month of July as you're posting about the books you've read for #SummerThrowDown, make sure to engage your challenger (challengee?) in the conversation as well!  (All in good fun, of course...)

Again, this individual challenge is optional!

The only requirements for participation in SummerThrowDown Year 3 are:
1. Read
2. Record the number of books read in the spreadsheet. (daily or every few days)
3. Share about the books you're reading!  You may do this on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, or even face to face with friends!  If you share on social media, please use the hashtag #SummerThrowDown
4. Have fun!

Want to read even more about SummerThrowDown in years past?
Read a whole variety of posts about #SummerThrowDown on my blog by searching SummerThrowDown in the search box on the right!


  1. It's on, Sherry! I can't wait to throw it down with all my favorite Twitter Peeps. Year three, here we go!

  2. This sounds great! Can a retired teacher/librarian join in the fun?


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