TL News Night

Hey you!  Yes, you!  

Are you a media specialist, school librarian, teacher-librarian or a person who loves all things library related?  Are you interested in knowing about what's going on in school libraries around the nation?  

What are you doing on Monday nights?  Do you know about TL Chat?  (I sure hope you do!)  

If not, please read on for a quick summary of the amazing FREE PD available on Monday evenings at 8 p.m. EST this month.
If so, just skip the summary and make sure to join us on Monday evenings in January and beyond.  (The hashtag #TLChat is always in use on Twitter -- check it out for great tips 24/7)

January 6th: TL Virtual Cafe live webinar

January 13th:  #TLChat Live on Twitter 

January 20:  TL News Night Live 

An extra plug for TL News Night:  

TL News Night Anchors:

Michelle Cooper - High School Librarian
Nikki D Robertson- High School Librarian
Elissa Malespina - Middle Grades Librarian
Sherry Gick  - Middle Grades Librarian
Sue Levine - Elementary School Librarian
Shannon Miller - Elementary School Librarian

Information from TL Virtual Cafe - TL News Night:

TL News Night is a LIVE show presented in news show format featuring a wrap up of “This Month in School Libraries” and deeper discussion of topical school library issues with special guest experts. 

Interested in participating?  Go to TL News Night's site for instructions on how to watch live!

Interested in joining us and sharing information?  Go to TL News Night's site & fill in the form.  

Hope to "see" you on Monday nights!  


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