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Focus on 2014

If you've met me in person, you know that I truly am fanatical about so many things... books, libraries, running, reading, friends, family, Doctor Who, technology, learning... (I've been called OCD more than once and ADD seems to keep me flitting from one thing to the next), but my passions are a daily part of my life and me. 

Exclamation points and smiley faces, anyone?! :)

I don't ever want to lose that passion...that fanaticism that keeps me going...always striving...pushing forward...

but can I be honest?

It can be exhausting.

Really exhausting.

I know many of you know exactly what I mean... because you walk the same walk (or should I say run the same daily run?!)

2013 was a year filled with great highs but there were lows to deal with as well.  My friend Aly shared this on Facebook today:

She's exactly right.  We can't control the challenges, but our response is always up to us.  I didn't always respond very well to the challenges of last year.

As I've pondered 2013 and looked forward into setting goals for 2014, one word kept coming to mind.

This year I need to FOCUS.

If I want to do things well, I can't do it all.  I can't do every single thing cool thing I read about on Twitter or join every amazing collaborating group my PLN offers...I can't read every book my Nerdy Book Club friends recommend...attend every conference I want to every race that's out there...

but I can continue to be inspired by all the amazing people in my life and focus on what will help me to do and be my very best for my students, my family, and me.

I'm still working on exactly what that focus will look like in 2014, but I know it will require more prioritization and organization both at school and at home.

Do I still have reading, running, and professional goals for 2014?  Absolutely!

Read: 175 books
Run: 1000 miles
  • involvement at the state & national level in AISLE & ISTE-SIGLIB
  • collaboration at school with teachers
  • awesome group projects with amazing TL friends around the country like Matthew Winner, Andy Plemmons, Shannon Miller, Tiffany Whitehead...

With focus I'll be able to achieve these goals and many more...

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Here's to 2014 and a clearer focus on life.


  1. You're darn right there will be some awesome projects with me, pal! Thanks for inviting me to be a part of your focus. I am always honored!

  2. I love your goals. Thanks for the shout out and for sharing your passions with us.


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