NerdyCast, Doctor Who, & Education

So...this happened...

....A live chat on YouTube with The Nerdy Teacher (Nick Provenzano) and The Busy Librarian (Matthew Winner) on the topic of Doctor Who?! Of course I said yes...and had a blast.

Check it out here:

And here on Nick's blog:

I first met Nick in person earlier this summer at the eLWave conference in Lafayette. I fan-girled a bit (demanding pictures), attended a couple of awesome sessions he led (Evernote, Google blogging) & then enjoyed hanging out & talking to him.

Matthew and I both got to hang out with Nick at ISTE in June before and after the awards ceremony after the 2 of us finally met face to face after 9 months of collaborating!

Bottom line? 

These guys amaze me constantly with all of their creative ideas and thinking about education. Just being around them makes me feel smarter! :)  Both are a daily source of inspiration to me in my teaching and I'm proud to nerd out with them and call them friends. 


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