Dewey's 24 Hour #Readathon

So here I am, on a Friday night scrolling through Twitter (as one does when you're the type of person who would rather be home on a Friday night all comfy with a blanket and beverage instead of out socializing) when I see something about a #readathon...

Well, also happen to also be that person who was telling a friend earlier this evening about all the books I had sitting around to read:  books I've purchased during recent trips to The BrainLair Bookstore, books for Book Club, plus the small stack of books I happened to select at the public library yesterday "just because"...

Small stack from Rossville Library

To me it seemed only logical to further investigate this said read-a-thon and see what the deal was!

I first visited the @readathon twitter account and found this information:

What?  It's a twice yearly event?  Cool! 

Then I visited the website & poked around a bit to see a little more about this read-a-thon.   (like do I really have to read for 24 hours?  Because y'all know I have to sleep a little... and it's on Saturday which is a great day for napping...)  I decided it sounded like fun so,  I signed up!

I grabbed the BINGO board here from another entry, joined the GoodReads group, and decided to write this quick blog entry. 

Tomorrow I'll be posting my reading updates on Twitter, Instagram, and a wrap up here.

The start time is 8 am EST so you can still sign up too! Sign up here!  (There are almost 1000 readers participating!)

Happy Reading!


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