Hack Your School Library - ISTE17

I had the distinct pleasure of being a part of a panel with Tina Berumen, Nancy Jo Lambert, and Heather Lister on Tuesday morning at ISTE 2017 entitled Hack Your School Library.  Before the panel began, we hammed it up (as usual) with "group" selfies.  It was the first time the four of us had presented together, but it felt like a sharing session with friends (which it truly was)!

The panel was designed to be fast-paced where we shared our personal library hacks for the topics of physical space, digital space, library programming, professional development, communication, and our network. Because all four of us love to talk and share, we used a timer to make sure we kept to our time constraints and still had time for the audience to ask questions and share their own library hacks.

Nancy Jo and Tina wandered out into the audience and passed the mic to many TLs eager to share awesome library hacks.  We could have talked and shared for another hour!

The audience also added their own hacks to a padlet and it is now FILLED with amazing ideas for teacher-librarians.  To access, click on the padlet below or go to bit.ly/LibHack

I had such a blast sharing and connecting via this panel!  (For the record, I'd present anytime & anywhere with all of these awesome ladies.)

 I hope everyone who attended got some great ideas to hack their library and even those who were #notatISTE will find some great ideas via the padlet.

Questions?  Reach out to us on Twitter or drop a comment here!

For more about my #ISTE17, see my microblog post here.


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