Because..... #LibrariesTransform

It's no secret to anyone that I love libraries.  With a name like LibraryFanatic, it's a given.  

I've enjoyed following various hashtags on Twitter and seeing what librarians across the nation are sharing about their libraries and library services.  

My most favorite has been the Because _____________________. #LibrariesTransform promotion.    I've been posting to Instagram & Twitter sharing my Because reasons.  It's also been a great "excuse" to wear my most favorite LIBRARY themed t-shirts to school.  Talk about conversation starters with students... :)  (Fellow #TShirtAddicts, don't forget Unshelved has the BEST Library T-shirts hands down.  You're welcome.)

My because reasons are below.  I'd love to hear/see/read yours! 

A photo posted by Sherry Gick (@sngick) on

A photo posted by Sherry Gick (@sngick) on

On this last day in National Library Week, I'm inviting you to share your Because stories.  Use the nifty graphics provided by ALA or just tweet it out.  The important thing is to share!  Your library is making a difference daily.  Share your story.


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