WRAD & RAAD 2016

This year's World Read Aloud day started off with a bang!

Coen dressed like Harry Potter and I dressed as a Gryffindor student.  The students I encountered that day were split as to whether I made a better Hermione or Ginny... :)

Matthew (Winner, of course) and I had scheduled our classes to Skype together (well, "my" classes were the elementary library classes).  The first class of the day, Matthew didn't have students but that didn't stop him from entertaining us all with a reading of an amazing book about to be published.

Our classes enjoyed a variety of books together:

And then, the call was made to send us home.... (WRAD & snow seem to go hand in hand!)

Unfortunately our schedules no longer matched up since we were leaving early, so I read alone to my kindergarteners:
The next day, I had planned to visit classrooms and read but we were out for the day for an eLearning/snow day.  With all of the craziness, I rescheduled to read in classes the next Wednesday:  Read Across America Day!

That weekend, look what I stumbled upon at Barnes & Noble...2 days before release date and in time to share with classes for the week!

I read to 6 classrooms on Wednesday for WRAD/RAAD!

All in all, I'm calling WRAD & RAAD a success.  Books, laughter, smiles, & hugs were shared.  At the end of the day that's definitely something to smile about!

My favorite moment:


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