Marvel Heroes Post-it-Note Art

The most frequent question I'm asked about our library post it note art is always about the pattern(s).  Where do you find them?  We have always used the internet and searched for patterns by using key words like pixel art, bit designs, and even cross stitch patterns.  Not every pattern works for us but a basic template is nice to begin with and then we are able to modify it to fit our windows.

While looking for Star Wars pixel art patterns for our 2nd 9 weeks post-it-note art, we found Marvel (minecraft) patterns and knew they HAD to happen on our windows in January.

Pattern found here
Pattern found here
Pattern found here

I began with Captain America, but was quickly booted aside with an "I'll do it" from my daughter.  ::rolling eyes emoji::

Next Ironman was created and finally Hulk (after waiting a weekend for green post-its to arrive!)

Watch the process below by clicking on the video:

I know I ALWAYS say this, but it's definitely one of my favorites.  I love Marvel & especially Captain America, Hulk, & Iron Man.  ;)

Wonder what our last 9 weeks will bring?

Feel free to make suggestions in the comments!


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