Brian Selznick

I thought I would have to wait until November at AASL to be able to hear Brian Selznick speak and possibly meet him, but lo and behold he was in Indiana just last night for his book tour! My family and I drove to Indy for the evening because.. Brian Selznick!  Duh!

Worth the drive would be a mild understatement.

Brian Selznick is not only an amazing illustrator and author, he's also a wordsmith, an entertainer, an actor, a story teller, and a bit of a comedian!  We were entranced by his words, pictures, and stories of inspiration (as well as amazing stories about the filming of Hugo Cabret!)

I know I could never do the evening justice with a recap, but I'm happy to say thank you to Kids Ink, Central Public Library, and Scholastic for making the event possible.

If you have the opportunity to go see Brian during this tour, DO IT!

Be sure and visit The Marvels website and watch the fascinating trailer Brian created for the book:

and of course, if for some strange reason you HAVEN'T yet read a Brian Selznick book, pick one up & devour it soon!

My son recommends Huge Cabret; my daughter, WonderStruck.
Me, I'm going with the new stuff:  The Marvels.

Read more about Brian Selznick here & more about his many, other books here!


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