Future Ready Librarians Panel - #ISTE17

What started as a bit of a joke (10 people?  On a panel?  There's no way we could pull that off!  We all like to talk WAY too much!) turned into a great panel about the foci of a Future Ready Librarian from the ISTE Librarians Network leadership team.

It was standing room only...

with a great crowd excited to hear from each of us...

From left to right:  Diana Rendina, Kathy Schmidt, Jacquie Liesch, Elissa Malespina, Susan Grigsby, Heather Lister, Donna Macdonald, Andrew Wallace, and yours truly

Last but not least, our fearless leader & panel leader:

How in the world did we manage to be successful with a 10 person panel...allowing time for each panel member to share AND still have time at the end for questions?  TIMERS!  A "strict" 5 minute time limit was set for each ISTELib leader as they spoke.  Some went a bit over, others a bit under...we stuck to the idea that yes, you COULD shush this if it meant the next person could have their turn.  

As the last member of the panel, I kept my comments short & sweet, but hopefully drove the point home.

Our slides from the presentation:

Twitter information for all of us (as well as our PLN featured session presenters) may be found here!

More don't miss Future Ready Librarians resources:

And of course, the Future Ready Librarians website!

Be sure to keep up with the ISTE Librarians Network via our twitter, facebook group, and website!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who joined us for Fast Forward: Future Ready Libraries...NOW!

Shout out & thank you to Susan Grigsby for getting us all organized & being patient with each of our presentation preparation styles.  :)


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