#IMMOOC Week 2

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When it comes to the 8 characteristics of the Innovator's Mindset, I find that many of the 8 come more naturally to me, while a few take a bit of work.  When reading the details about each characteristic in Chapter 3,  I am most drawn to characteristics 3, 4, and 7:  Risk-takers, Networked, & Resilient.  In my previous career as a Teacher-Librarian, I relied upon these characteristics heavily.  It was important to be a risk-taker in my corporation, bravely trying new things and encouraging teachers to try them with me.  Many of the new ideas I became familiar with because of my PLN: being networked has been a priority for me for many years as it's important to look outside of your immediate circle for inspiration and support.  Resiliency is imperative because taking risks often leads to failures!  It's important to remember that failure is a first attempt in learning and we have to be willing to modify what we've tried and try it again!

I love this quote from Harry S. Truman:

We can't let our fear of failure or not being "perfect" keep us from taking action and trying new things.  One of my most favorite quotes from George is also in this chapter in the section on Risk-Takers:

This "balance" between experience and trying new things is the difference between stagnation and innovation.  

In my new job, I'm finding that the characteristic of Reflection is imperative for me to practice and model with the educators I work with daily.  The questions of "What worked? What didn't?  What would I/we change?  What questions do I have moving forward?"  (p. 57) are ones I've always seemed to ask myself, but I haven't always been good about voicing them or talking through them with others.  (It's one of the reasons I've always found blogging to be challenging because it's taking my private thoughts and making them public!)  Whether I'm reflecting aloud during a workshop or even at the end with participants, I'm finding these questions to be important ones for me to ask about my process and then encourage teachers and leaders to ask the same questions daily about their lessons and processes.  I'm also enjoying reflecting on my processes and workshops with my co-workers as they reflect with me and offer advice or suggestions on how to improve or change what I've facilitated.  

It is my daily goal to continue to practice and grow my own innovator's mindset and in turn, encourage others to do the same.


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