Yep, it's that time again!  The first week of August brings about the celebrated time of #Chompsticks!

We like to celebrate this completely made up week by tweeting a daily pic that includes:

  • a book (what you're reading!)
  • a snack (what you're eating while reading!)
  • chopsticks (to eat the snack and keep your fingers clean for turning pages!)
Optional:  Your beautiful face  (some people prefer just sharing the above mentioned items).  

It's a week to celebrate reading and is completely for FUN!  Won't you join us?

The idea evolved on Twitter five years ago.  Yep, FIVE YEARS!  So, this is our 5th summer celebrating.  

See more #Chompsticks pics here on my blog:

All the pictures for Chopsticks 2016:  Year 5  will be compiled into this beautiful Google presentation below:


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