WRAD Week 3 Blogging Challenge

Week 3:  Profile Partner

"Find a puppet, stuffed animal, or image of your favorite kid lit character. Next, take a selfie with the character. You now have a picture with your WRAD companion. He or she can travel with you wherever you go and whenever you speak up about World Read Aloud Day. Post the image as your profile picture on all of your most-used social media venues (Skype, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter).

For extra credit, try to get three of your friends (in school or on social media) to do the same. In no time we'll be in some terrific company. Nothing like an awesome profile partner when it comes to spreading the good word about reading aloud!

When you've finished, post the photo to your week 3 blogging challenge post. Below the photo share a short narrative explaining why this book character is meaningful to you."

from the WRAD 15 Blogging Challenge on Matthew Winner's blog.

This morning as I was getting ready for school I listened to a few Voxer messages from some of my most favorite people...the Wandoo 5+1!  Andy and Matthew both talked about how much fun they were having taking selfies with book characters and students for this week's WRAD challenge.  After school began, I did a few mind numbing tasks at my desk and then decided I would go drop in at the elementary library to see what was going on (and to look for book character stuffed animals!).  

A third grade class was in the midst of checking out books.  I talked to the students about the books they were reading, made some recommendations, and then rummaged in the closet (with Theresa's permission) to look for fun characters for my profile pic.  I came out with Splat the Cat and Bad Kitty.  The students (graciously) took some pictures with me and the animals.  A vote was taken and they all chose Bad Kitty.  Another student found a Bad Kitty book (you know, the one with the bites taken out of it...) for me to use as an additional prompt.  I stuck around for a few more minutes and was treated to Theresa reading the book Tess's Tree to the third grade class.  The book was projected so all the students could read along and look at the wonderful illustrations by Peter H. Reynolds.  It was truly a breath of fresh air for me and it's a crime I don't take the time to do it daily.

My new profile picture for World Read Aloud Day does indeed feature Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel.  A classic choice, if I do say so myself!

Of course, I've uploaded it to my myriad of social media accounts...Twitter, Vine, Skype, Facebook... and tagged my friends on Twitter to urge them to change their pics as well.  I originally tagged Matthew, Jonathan, and Kathy.  So far only Kathy is holding out on me!  (Get to it, lady!)

I hope to see my #NerdyBookClub friends having a lot of fun with this as well...

All in the name of celebrating "the power of words and create(ing) a community of readers taking action to show the world that the right to literacy belongs to all people. By raising our voices together on this day we show the world’s children that we support their futures: that they have the right to read, to write, and to share their stories."

A very good thing indeed.

Won't you join us next week for World Read Aloud Day?


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