HS Battle of the Books revealed!

This week I unveiled the 10 titles we will be using for this year's Clinton County Battle of the Books.  Teams gathered in the library during activity period to find out what titles had been chosen.

I revealed the titles in a prezi:

Students were super excited when they realized that 8 of the 10 titles were also on the Eliot Rosewater nominee list for 2014-2015.  If they read 5 of the nominated titles, they are invited to a special luncheon in the library at the end of April.

After the titles were revealed, I showed the students that I had also made a Pinterest board that linked to each of the titles on GoodReads.

Follow Sherry's board HS Battle of the Books on Pinterest.

The students received copies of the titles of the books so their team could begin dividing up the books to read and make their battle plans!  Ordinarily I also give each team their set of 10 books, but all of our books haven't yet arrived.  Hopefully books will be in their hands in another week.

Finally, I reminded them that all of the information could also be found right on on library website at:  http://goo.gl/IKG7Zt

I'm really looking forward to our local Battle of the Books at the end of February and our Clinton County Battle of the Books at the beginning of March!


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