2013 goal check

Like every year, I set some goals for 2013  and blogged a 6 month check up post.  

Now, the obligatory December 31st report on this year's progress... Oh what a year!

2013 Goals:
  • My GoodReads 2013 goal:  to read 175 books.

Yikes!  This has been a year of reading struggles for me.  I've found that during this school year I have not made the time to read as much as I have in past years.  I know it's to be expected that when job responsibilities change, time has to shift in order to focus on other tasks; but I miss the days of reading 1-2 books per week to share with students and staff.  I definitely prefer this type of prep work instead of the grading and planning tied to the 3 additional classes I'm teaching this school year.  I'm sure my lapse in reading also can not be also directly tied to my twitter addiction... :)

This year I read 160 books according to GoodReads. All in all, I'm happy with the amount of books read and shared.  91% of a goal?  A- 

  • I plan to read more non-fiction titles (detailed here in my bookgap post).
Reading non-fiction continues to be a complete struggle for me, UNLESS they're books that help me stretch and grow as an educator.  During 2013, the non-fiction titles I most enjoyed were professional titles:

  • I will post a "meatier" blog posting once a week...okay, maybe twice a month:  an actual book review (gasp!), a "what's going on in my library", or even a reflection.
As of today, 117 posts on my blog.  I feel like I have made the jump to posting "meatier" entries and reflections about what's going on instead of just frivolous posts.  Although I still have much work to do in being consistent in my posting and reflecting, I'm happy with my continued writing in 2013.  
  • I will present at a conference.
This has been one of my very best years professionally.  I made my first presentation at our regional librarian's meeting in September about ISTE & connectedness.  

I also had the opportunity to present at our state ILF conference with 2 good friends, Kathy & Megan, on genrefication in our school libraries in October. 

 In November, we teamed up with 2 more friends, Tiffany and Shannon, at our national AASL convention in Hartford, CT, to again present on genrefication.  

While attending AASL, I also presented with my best buddy, Matthew Winner, about our 2013 Earth Pals project and our upcoming GeniusCon project for 2014.  

I also helped host TL News Live from the Learning Commons at AASL with the awesome TL Anchors I met in person for the very first time! 

So, yeah... regional, state, AND national presentations?  A very good year indeed!  
  • Run 850 miles (I ran 842 miles in 2012 and 730 miles in 2011)
Sadly, this goal was not achieved.  After a freak accident towards the end of August and almost 3 months without running, my yearly mileage is way down at only 560 miles.  On the flip side, I'm truly grateful to still be able to run after my accident and surgery.  
Done and detailed in my post on Reading Teachers Running!  It remains, hands down, one of the most amazing accomplishments of my life and a great way to celebrate a new turning point in my life at 40.  

I also registered to run the Chicago Marathon but began to have second thoughts about the training and then had the infamous knife injury which made running this marathon impossible.  Will I ever run another marathon?  It's possible...I haven't ruled it out!

2013 was truly an amazing year. 

 I anxiously await 2014 and all the new adventures it will bring!

“Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.” 


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