2013 EduBro Awards


It's true! 

I'm the proud recipient of not one, but TWO 2013 EduBro Awards.

What's that?  You don't KNOW what an EduBro Award is?

"The #EduBroAwards show was conceived as a way for people to celebrate one another after a long year of working hard, sharing, caring and generally being awesome. There are too many awards shows that focus on the few when we should all be celebrating the many. That is what makes our awards show so special and different from all of the rest. We want everyone to be recognized for how truly awesome they are. We have unlimited awards to give out and we can't wait to see the craziness that ensues when we hold out live Google Hangout to hand out the awards. "  (from The Nerdy Teacher's blog)

They're self-nominated?  

Well...yeah, they are...but they're peer-nominated too.  You have to nominate yourself for an award in order to nominate friends for awards as well.  

What?  No voting?

Yeah, no voting.  Everyone nominated receives an award!  

But still...it's an honor!  An achievement!  Fun to share!  Right?  


You didn't watch the Edubro Awards LIVE on December 19?

Whaaaaat?  You really missed out.

Check out the archived video here on Nick's blog as well as the list of all the awesome award winners. Hosted by the amazing duo of Nick Provenzano and Tim Gwynn, it is everything that's right about education. It was so much fun to hear Nick give a shout-out (or 2!) to me as well as to so many of my friends.

What awards did I win?

Best Doctor Who T-Shirts  - (self-nominated)

The Daniel LaRussa "You're the Best Around" Award - (nominated by my pal, Matthew Winner)

So, loud and proud, I'll continue to sing the praises of being an EduBro Award winner.  Truly a privilege to be included among so many amazing educators.

Thanks Nick & Tim!


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