John David Anderson visit

I was THRILLED to host John David Anderson, author of Sidekicked and Standard Hero Behavior, at our middle school for a few hours on October 9, 2013.

He entertained and taught 250 middle school students, grades 6-8, for a class period as he discussed Heroes, both real and imagined, in our world today.  

In the lunchroom, he signed books, cards, papers, and even a few arms with his autograph and witty sayings. The students were thrilled to MEET a real, live author!

After lunch he talked to a class of sixth graders (my Reading class) about the writing process, muses, and how to write stuff people want to read. I think the line for autographs at the end of the class period says it all :)

Thank you Dave for spending time with us!  Please come back and visit soon! (We want to hear about that new book and the minions!)


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