October...gone but not forgotten

October... also known as the month I blogged only the first and last days of the month...

What's been going on in my library life that's kept me away from blogging? 
Read on for quick highlights and pics!

October 9 - author John David Anderson visited our middle school

October 10 - Wonder party for all 6th graders

October 11-17 - Scholastic Book Fair

October 21 - TL News Night (1st time as anchor!)

October 22 - ILF Banquet - Outstanding New School Librarian Award

October 22-23 - ILF conference & League of Librarians presentation on genrefying  

October 25 - Skype with author Geoff Herbach and HS class

October 29 - Kick off for Battle of the Books for middle and high school students

October 30 - first Middle School (somewhat) Virtual Bookclub meeting with 4 other schools/librarians and Jo Knowles to discuss See You at Harry's

October 31 - Halloween!

planning for AASL presentation & UnCon via Google Hangouts a few times

Indiana Library Leadership Academy
monthly Indiana Library Leadership Academy group meeting

Throw in a band concert, a choir concert, parent/teacher conferences (as a parent & a teacher), weekly therapy for Frankenfoot, teaching, grading, running a library, family, reading a few books and life in general...it all adds up to quite a month!

Hope your October was wonderful!


  1. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments! Now I don't feel so bad for not keeping up with my blog.


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