Space Invaders!

School starts next week...

I mentioned to my daughter that it was time to take down the end of the year Post-It Note art from the library windows and plan for a new design.  We decided on the classic video game Space Invaders.  The next day we went to school.  I helped her take down the Owl post-it-note picture and showed her some ideas for Space Invaders.  I left to go plan with another teacher.  When I returned, this is what I found:

Inside view

outside view

the artist!
Needless to say, I was quite impressed!  She did the whole thing completely by herself (and had never helped make one before).
The future of my library windows is looking great!


  1. That's awesome! And I thought I was rocking it out with a bulletin board! My children have find memories of delivering overhead projectors and getting the library ready every year.

  2. It is great that your daughter wanted to leave her mark on the space you spend so much of your day. I love her smile too!


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