Whatever Wednesday

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Today's Whatever Wednesday feature is our monthly Post-It Note Window Art.

My students decided they wanted to mix it up a bit this month and have "interactive" window art to celebrate October.

We went with 3 different "costumes" that may be viewed or tried on from inside or outside of the library. 


The Fake Mustache has been quite popular, but the bee hive hairdo (wish I could think of a middle school book with a similar character...) is also a hoot.  
Surprisingly, the wizard hat has not been popular at all.  

It's been quite a hoot to see both students and teachers peeking in and out of the windows with these crazy getups!

Our extra source of inspiration and supplies for this project came from this book: 

We found it in our Scholastic Book Fair, but I can't find a link to order it from Scholastic.
More info about the book here

It came with 3,000 small rectangular stickers that we used for some of the smaller features on the window art.  I'm not sure if they'll be as easy to remove as post-it notes, but we'll see!

It's been a fun window display, but I'm ready to get back to our roots with
 Video Game art!

Look out for November!


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