Whatever Wednesday

another magnificent meme from David Etkin

Today is Whatever Wednesday....which today means "what I found at the elementary bookfair"

The Scholastic bookfair in our elementary library ended on Friday, the same day my middle/high school bookfair began.  I love bookfairs.  Yes, it's a bit time consuming to set them up.  Yes, it's a bit of a hassle to maintain for the week...not to mention trying to display all the books in a tiny library...

but I really adore the books.
6 cases filled with brand new books.
Boxes filled with even more books.
It's a book lover's dream!

I helped set up the elementary bookfair.  It was pure joy to see all of the picture books.  (I miss that on my end of the building...I want to begin sharing more with middle/high school like the great Paul Hankins!)  I was thrilled to discover so many books I'd heard Mr. Sharp & Mr. Schu talk about on Twitter.  I showed great restraint and only walked away with 3 books for personal and professional usage. (My children both picked out books as well, but these are mine!)

Two of the three books selected are from Chronicle Books, one of my favorite publishers because of the unique books they feature as well as the amazing promotional activity packs they send out!


If you haven't yet read or interacted with this book, you really MUST!  Yes it's a great tie in for Dot Day, but it's also simply beautiful and fun. Kids of all ages will enjoy it.  Case in point:  I visited the elementary library yesterday to quickly talk to the Library Aide.  A 3rd grade class was in the process of checking out books. I picked up this book, flipped through a few pages, and the next thing you know I was reading it out loud to them.  They touched the dots, clapped, and by the end of the book everyone in line was clapping their hands (as the book instructs).  The power of a well written book.  Priceless.

Read more about this unique book here at Chronicle Book's website.  


Another genius book from Chronicle -- also a great read aloud.  I love the idea of sharing the book riddles/poems with students, having them guess the book, and then sharing the pictures.  I also think this could be a great writing activity to have students write and illustrate their own book riddles.  (This could be done at many different grade levels as well.)

Read more about Spot the Plot here.


I HAD to add the newest Junie B. to our collection. We own all of them and have shared most of them as a family, reading and laughing at all of Junie B.'s antics. Purchasing a Junie B. book during Banned Books Week also seemed like the right thing to do.  I look forward to reading and sharing this one with my kids as Thanksgiving gets a bit closer.  I know we'll love it.

Read more about this book here.

There you have it. 
 3 books I could not pass up at our Scholastic Book Fair.  
Try one, two, or all three of them soon!
Happy reading!
(and happy Wednesday!)


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