It's Monday!

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Last week I finished 2 of the 3 books I was reading:

I didn't finish A Wrinkle in Time graphic novel because my copy didn't arrive
 (& I had started it at the bookstore!).

I really enjoyed both books.  
Obviously they're very different 
(Wrinkles is a funny read for upper elementary/middle schoolers 
& Wild is an adult biography!)
but I love switching it up when I'm reading!

This week I have many in my currently reading stack:

Should be a great week of reading!  

2 of the books are for my Level Up Book Club (bet you can guess which ones!)

I have a day off on Friday for our Fall Break 
so I hope to read, read, read!

Happy Monday -- Read a great book this week!


  1. Thanks for the tips! I'm going to show your blog to a few of my voracious readers at Wabash Middle School. I'm heading to Edcamp Chicago this Saturday, and looking forward to Edcamp Fort Wayne in the spring. Take care!

  2. Woo hoo, Fall Break! Ours starts NEXT Friday! Will have to plan some good reading! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Ready Player One!

  3. Justin, you should completely join in this Level Up Book Club next round. It's AWESOME! Your work with EdCamp is so cool. I hope to check out Fort Wayne's in the spring.

    Kathy, I am LOVING Ready Player One. Can't wait to devote several hours to sitting down and finishing it.


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