BookFlix Friday

a creative meme from David Etkin

Have you read this book?
You haven't?

Here, watch the trailer and see just a taste of what you're missing...

This book has everything:  necromancers, werewolves, talking heads, supernatural powers, action, fighting, and lots and lots of humor.  
Sarcastic, laugh out loud humor.  
Sometimes inappropriate humor.
Your high school students will love it.
Heck, I loved it.

It's one of the books on our Eliot Rosewater Nominees for 2012-2013.  
I can't keep it on the shelves (probably because I keep recommending it...but also because students are recommending it to each other as well.)

But wait!
There's a SEQUEL:

Necromancing the Stone is book 2 & 
it's just as funny and brilliant as the first book.  
Unfortunately, I couldn't find a quality trailer..
so read the book anyway! :)

The author, Lish McBride, has an awesome website at
She's also very active on Twitter:  @TeamDamnation


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