Angry Birds have landed at our library!

To help celebrate School Library month, my student assistants and I created post it note art on our library windows last week.   I was inspired by this post at Teen Librarian's Toolbox.  We looked online for different ideas to see what had been done before and what we might fit our library well.  We decided on an Angry Birds theme since they're recognizable by pretty much everyone! It took us several periods and quite a few sticky notes...(can't reveal the number because we're in the middle of a trivia contest where students are guessing how many!).  I am thrilled with the results and boy has it caused a LOT of conversation at school.  Students have been stopping, gaping, taking pictures, posting on their facebook pages -- all very good things where the library is concerned!

One of my student assistants thinks we should do this every month.  I told her it's on her shoulders if she wants to undertake that project as one of her responsibilities.  Think of the limitless possibilities...

Check out our work:

Inside the Library

Working together to create a masterpiece!

Outside the Library


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