What I'm Reading

This week, I have some great books to read!

Thanks to NetGalley, I'm finishing up this awesome book tonight.  It's every bit as good as everyone has said it is.  I tried to buy a physical copy last night at my Barnes & Noble, but it wasn't there yet.  :(

I'm also reading this book.  I had started it before I got the approval to download Wonder, so I plan on going right back to it!

I finished Christine Johnson's first book, Claire de Lune, last week.  I really enjoyed it and plan to review it later this week.

I started reading 20 Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler while at the bookstore.  Why?  I can't ever read it or check it out from my library at school because all the copies are ALWAYS checked out!  That means the girls are absolutely loving it.  It's on our Indiana Eliot Rosewater List for high school students and it has been well received at my library.  I hope it gets returned this week (and isn't on hold...) so I can finish it up!

Recently finished books to review:

It's been a crazy few weeks at school with even crazier ones up ahead!  Battle of the Books is here!


  1. You are perhaps the 10th person to have mentioned reading Wonder this week. I may have to download it if it's sold out. I have Ivan & Horton on my TBR list, & will look for your review of The Name of The Star. Thanks for all the mentions!


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